I represent taxpayers during the exam process, up to and including repayment plans and settlements. Whether it is an examination of a personal or business tax return, I am there to make sure the outcome is as favorable as it can be. I review the proposed changes and works with you or the professionals that work with you to gather documentation for the positions taken on the return. I then deal directly with the Examiner or Auditor to ensure all information is considered in their analysis. Many times this results in no change to the original return, or only changes that are required due to an error on the return or lack of documentation.

As a business owner or person responsible for paying employment taxes, you may find yourself subject to a proposal of assessment of a Trust Fund Recovery Penalty (TFRP). This penalty may be assessed when withholding and employment taxes, also known as trust fund taxes because the employer holds the employee’s money in trust until the federal tax deposit is made, become delinquent. The TFRP may be assessed against any person responsible for collecting, accounting, and paying of trust fund taxes. We represent this responsible party (or parties) during the process.

If an exam has already been concluded and an assessment made, we can appeal the exam finding. I am familiar with the necessary steps to have your matter reconsidered.