The significant increase in IRS collection activity has also increased several common misconceptions and confusion about alternatives available for dealing with the taxing authorities. There is no “cookie cutter” approach for dealing with tax debt. We take the time to thoroughly explore your case and help you and the professionals that work with you identify options that are appropriate for your unique situation.

Tax problem resolution may include:

  • Installment Agreement
  • Currently Not Collectible determination
  • Offer-in-Compromise
  • Levy prevention or release
  • Avoidance of Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Assessment
  • Abatement of Tax and/or Penalties
  • Subordination or Discharge of Federal Tax Lien

We work regularly with:

  • Revenue Officers
  • Revenue Agents
  • Automated Collections – including Large Dollar Division
  • Tax Compliance Officers
  • Collection Managers
  • Special Procedures Unit
  • Prosecuting Attorneys
  • Debt Collectors (Federal and State)

Upon completion of representation, our goal is to have resolved the tax issue at hand and prepared you for ongoing compliance with the taxing authorities.