I am knowledgeable in representing taxpayers before the Appeals Divisions of the IRS.  Experience in working with Offer Examiners and Specialists, Revenue Agents, Tax Compliance Officers, Settlement Officers, Appeals Officers and Appeals Managers gives us unique qualifications to help you appeal a tax or examination finding.

If the IRS has rejected a settlement or payment proposal, I work with Appeals to resolve the reason for rejection and get your account into a compliant status. If disputing an Exam finding, you can count on me to thoroughly review the examination results to identify the issues that need to be appealed. I am here to represent your best interests and make sure your case is handled fairly and impartially.

I also assist taxpayers through Collection Due Process hearings and the Collection Appeals Program to appeal collection actions taken by the IRS.  Whether you have received a Notice of Federal Tax Lien Filing, a Final Notice of Intent to Levy, Notice of Levy or before or after a lien or levy has been filed, I know what to do to help keep you from experiencing additional hardships.